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Frank Hanserd, Jr.
Mentor & Leader Of
Team Bottomline No Excuses!

Hi, welcome!  My name is Frank Hanserd, Jr., and I have been very successful in the Network Marketing Industry over 21 years.  I have helped many families work from home and achieve great income by simply showing them hands-on how to build a successful Multi-Level Marketing, home-based business. Network Marketing is 90% mental and 10% physical.  Having a Mentor will greatly increase your chances of being successful.  I have coached, trained and developed many to become very successful entrepreneurs.  Your success will depend greatly on yourself and your desire to get ahead in life as well as your leader.  Mentorship is essential for the growth and development of your new home-based business.  Ninety-seven percent of people FAIL in Multi-Level Marketing because they join with the wrong person who has little or no experience.  So choose your leader wisely, because it could make or break you in this direct marketing industry!  I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your Dreams and Goals.  "You deserve to have it all,  I take your Success Seriously."  YOU are the most important person in your business.  It's very important that you participate in your success.  I wish you much Success and Prosperity!  Thank You and God Bless! :-)


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